Rare Tag
This article contains information about an item, quest, or monster that was introduced during a special event (e.g. holiday or war), and will not be available again until the event repeats, or possibly never again.
Dragon Amulet
This article contains information about an item or quest that is only available to players who have upgraded their characters and received a Dragon Amulet.
13th Mask
Level: 5
Price: N/A
Sellback: 0 Gold
Location: Friday the 13th Invasion, Friday the 13th Invasion - Part II, Friday the 13th Invasion - Part III
Element: Darkness
Effect: Crit +1, END +2, LUK -5, Bonus +1, Darkness +2
Rarity: 3
This mask once belonged to the great terrible warrior Jaysun. It was said long ago that anyone who holds his power would be impossible to kill.

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