Dragon Amulet
This article contains information about an item or quest that is only available to players who have upgraded their characters and received a Dragon Amulet.
20-Watt Brightbulb
Level: 20
Price: 15 Scrap metal + 1 Filament
Sellback: 450 Gold
Location: Dr. Voltabolt Clockwork Merge Shop
Damage: 10-16
Element: Light
Bonuses: Bonus +1, Crit +1
Rarity: 8
Attack 1: Shoots Light Lighting at the monster for one hit of melee damage.
Attack 2: The bulb lightens up and releases a beam of light at the monster blinding it for one hit of melee damage.
This pet requires a Dragon Amulet. Built by Dr. Voltabolt, these little techno-things are sure to brighten your day!


-30 bonus for 2 turns for your foe.

Also See

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