2 Leagues Under the Sea
Location: Falconreach Dock / Amityvale Dock -> Catch A JohnnyFish, The Locker -> Aquella / Quest Chest -> Quests -> Two Leagues
Chain: Water Orb Saga
Previous: N/A
Next: Pirate Attack

  • Objective: Ummmm... where'd that fish take you? Better explore and try and find your way... make sure to check everything!
  • Objective completed: You found Captain Davey and got the key to his locker! You're just not sure where his locker is... or whats in it.
  • Scaled Yes/No: Yes




Access to Gem Shop



2 leagues under the sea map

the map.


When you start the quest from one of the docks:

<Character>: ...
<Character>: What a wimpy little fish... If I keep it, one of the other fish will probably just eat it.
<Character>: I spent all that time trying to catch something though.. I can't just throw it back.

*A very large fish is shown in the water*

<Character>: Oh well, I'll put him in anyway and if he gets eaten well them's the break--
<Character>: ...
<Character>: His mom is right behind me, isn't she?



<Character>: AAAAHHH! HEY LEGGO!!
<Character>: EEEP! Where are you taking me?!
<Character>: Aww come on, not in the water.. I just finished drying off after falling in earlier.
Fish: *glare*
<Character>: Ok, ok, just don't eat me.
<Character>: Please.


When you start the quest from Aquella

Aquella: How did you get down here anyways?

Clicking on some of the chests can give you potions or extra gold.

The answer to the combination lock on one of the chests:

The answer is 743. This unlocks a shop.

If you click on some of the skulls lying around in various rooms

Skele: It was excavated from an ancient tomb, by a hero such as yourself. Though it was his most prized possession, it brought him only ruin.
Skele: We took it, and braving the storm we fled West attempting to sell it to a people who did not know of its curse.
Skele: But alas, the storm was too great. We fought it for all we were worth, and on the third hour of the third day, we lost.
Skele: Woe to those who find it.

Skele: The cursed seek rest but do not find it...
Skele: Seven dirty souls, an' each with his own set of misfortunes.

Skele: Suddenly my eyes grew dim and the sea poured in, as if the ship was drawn to its depths by an unknown force.
Skele: ...And the four winds laughed.

After you've defeated Captain Davey

  • Complete Quest!


  • Once you loot the chests, you cannot do it again.
  • Complete this quest to unlock The Locker.
  • Complete this quest to unlock the aquarium section in Monster Zoo.

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