48 Weeks Later
Location: Mogloween 2011 -> Dornalca -> 48 Weeks Later
Chain: Mogloween Saga
Previous: Last Year
Next: Escape to Croft

  • Release Date: October 14th, 2011
  • Objective: M.O.P. is working hard to relocate and house all those who were displaced by the infection last year.
  • Objective completed: Hope that Andy doesn't bite....
  • Scaled Yes/No: Yes


(17) Zardbie







Last year, an infection raged through the woods near Moonridge.

Originating in a secret underground lab located under a mansion on the edge of town, the virus raged through the surrounding humanoid and animal populations, turning them into savage zardbies.

31 days later the infection met a sacchariferous end through the Cauldron Sister's candy cure.

Now, 48 weeks later, MOP is repopulating the mansion with those displaced by last years mayhem....

Prius: How goes the relocation?
Knight: The refugees are still coming in by the dozen, but we are finding places for them.
Knight: This eyesore of a building is actually of good use for once.
Knight 2: More refugees incoming!

Grinder: *sniff-sniff*
Refugee: Whoa, hey! What's he doing?
Knight: He's just making sure you're not infected.
Grinder: Arf!
Knight: Ok, you're good. Please proceed to the medical tent.
Knight 2: Next, please!

Chisagen: Booooooooriiinnnnnnng...
Prius: Are we getting paid for this?
Dornalca: Come on, guys, we have work to do. All of these people need to be scanned through.
Chisagen: Note to self: Swat Dornalca with a smelly fish, and pretend Josh did it.
Prius: CHIS!
Chisagen: Coming!

Knight: Finally... that took forever.
Knight 2: We need to screen them, though.
???: Does it hurt?
Knight: Wh-who?
Knight 2: Oh, hello there little guy.
Grinder: *whine*
Knight: By the Avatars....
Josh: What?! Are we under attack?
Lady Ravenwing: Terrible monsters?
Eric Ravenwing: Where?!
Lord F.A.L.: We must defend the town!
Chainsword: *(chainsaw sound effects)*
Lady Ravenwing: It... It's just a child!
Chisagen: Boooooorriiinnnnng...
Dornalca: Is the Grinder broken or something?
Knight 2: I... I don't think so.
Child: *(sob)*
Lord F.A.L.: Let's take him in for more screening.
Dornalca: Come on, little guy, everything will be ok. What's your name? Andy: A... an... Andy.

Chainsword: Hey, are you almost done with your paladiny testing thingies? Dornalca: No.
Dornalca: Hmm...
Dornalca: Eyes of green and blue. I've never seen that before.
Lord F.A.L.: Wow, cool....
Chainsword: Not as cool as the CHAINSAW ON MY SWORD!
Dornalca: Oh my... Lord Forgets-a-lot, get the others.

Dornalca: There's no doubt. The boy carries the virus....
Eric Ravenwing: How is he not a zardbie?
Dornalca: I don't know. The key to a more permanent cure might be within him though.
Josh: We can't risk keeping him here.
Josh: The virus is gone. Wiped out by the candy cure just in time.
Josh: The Cauldron Sisters aren't around right now if it breaks out again.
Lord F.A.L.: It spreads so fast....
Josh: Right. If that kid is a carrier, we'd be overrun with zardbies.
Lady Ravenwing: There has to be a safe spot to transfer him to. Someone guard the boy, we need a mage... or a hero.
Lady Ravenwing: What do you think <Character> is up to?
Chainsword: Find <Character Gender>.
Chainsword: I will guard the boy with MY WICKED CHAINSAW SWORD!

Moments later...

Chainsword: zzZZZZZZzzzz.....

A "girl" entered the tent

Andy: Wh-who's there?
Girl: Hi!
Andy: Uhh...
Girl: Are you in trouble?
Andy: I... I don't know.
Girl: You don't look dangerous.
Andy: I... I don't think I am....
Girl: Your eyes are pretty.
Andy: What... what are you doing?
Girl: Heehee!
Girl: Mmmmuah!
Andy: No! NO! I don't want girl cooties! EWW, you kissed me!!! GROSS!
Girl: *gag*

Girl transforms into a Zardbie

Chainsword: OMGwhatlamup.
Andy: No! No! HELP!
Chainsword: !!! The kid!

Chain: RUN!

Chainsword is attacked, the girl Zardbie exits through the flap. "Chain-Zardbie" is seen appearing from the forest behind the tent

Lady Ravenwing: Monsters! We're under attack!
Josh: Finally!
<Character>: Zardbies!
Prius: Hey, is that.. Chain?!
Eric Ravenwing: We have to contain them!
Prius: Dang. He owed me money.
<Character>: ... Dibs on his sword.
Dornalca: Look! The boy! We need to get to him!
Chisagen: MOP assemble!
Chisagen: <Character>, you go after the kid, try and get him to the Cauldron Sisters.
Chisagen: We need to get the grounds secured so the infection doesn't spread. Hurry!

Once you've found Andy:
<Character>: Come on, kid.
Andy: No! Please... I don't want to be bitten again.
<Character>: Don't worry, I'm going to get you someplace safe.
<Character>: There are some amazing sisters who can cure this. We just have to find them first...
Andy: O-okay...

Outside... the remaining members of the M.O.P., along with the Moonridge Knights, fought valiantly to contain the outbreak.

But some have slipped through.

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