A Cold Reception
Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Quests -> A Cold Reception
Chain: Ice Orb Saga
Previous: N/A
Next: Un-BEAR-Able Cold

  • Release Date: August 15th, 2008
  • Objective: Rumors from the citizens of Dragesvard say that this cave was once home to one of the Great Dragons. Galanoth needs you to investigate the area and see what you can come up with.
  • Objective completed: The dragon's vault was empty except for a locket from Galanoth's childhood. It seems that this dragon... Akriloth... and Galanoth have some history together.
  • Scaled Yes/No: Yes





Galanoth: The people of this town deserve justice. Fighting the dragons off is working for now, but we need to find the source.
Galanoth: I have a lot of leads to follow and I could use another pair of eyes to help me investigate, as well as another pair of hands to help me fight. Galanoth: If you think you are up to the challenge... I have a lead that I'd like you to look into.
Galanoth: There is a cave in the base of an icy mountain to the northwest of here. The people say that it was once the home of a dragon...
Galanoth: ...One of the BIG ones, a Great Dragon.
Galanoth: I think the dragon has cut and run. The cave is now home to a tribe of Killguins who call themselves the Killy Willy tribe.
Galanoth: Check out the cave. Look for any sign of the dragon... and try to keep your eyes open for any... unusual artifacts.
Galanoth: Return to me with whatever you find. Watch your back, <Character>.

  • Quest!
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You find a locket, and see two photos


Galanoth: You found this in the cave!?
Galanoth: These are... these WERE my parents. When I was a child they were killed in a dragon attack.
Galanoth: Since that time, I've been trying to track down the great fire dragon who killed my family. The trail led me here when it went cold... no pun intended.
Galanoth: So this is where he was hiding? But why would a fire dragon make a home in the ice and snow? What is going on here?
Galanoth: Thank you, <Character>. I gave up on finding this locket years ago. This means a lot to me.
Galanoth: We still have a town to save but thanks to you I know that I'm still on the trail of that great fiery menace..
Galanoth: ...Akriloth.


  • To complete this quest you have to play a timed game of Memory (a.k.a. Concentration), a card matching game. Each "level" has more cards than the last. You are not penalized for mistakes.
  • The blue crystal heals you once.

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