A Ghoulish Mistake
Location: A Ghoulish Attack
Chain: Friday the 13th Saga
Previous: A Ghoulish Attack
Next: N/A

  • Release Date: March 22nd, 2009
  • Objective: The Vampire Queen has come to get retribution for the deaths of her ghoul minions.
  • Objective completed: The Queen is defeated, something tells you you have seen the last of the vampire queen though.
  • Scaled Yes/No: Yes


(1) Safiria - Boss




Safiria: You... blue... thing. What exactly do you think you're doing?
Zorbak: I... whoa! How are you, pretty lady?
Zorbak: I am the all-powerful Zorbak! I'm currently in the process of invading and enslaving my own little town of puny "heros".
Safiria: Using my ghouls.
Zorbak: I... wait, what? Any and all minions of Zorbak, Inc. have sworn affiliation to me. I didn't use your ghouls.
Safiria: Any and all vampiric ghouls are led by me. You will pay for destroying my minions... slowly.
Zorbak: Hey, hey, don't look at me! The one beating up your guys is <Character>! I... I'm outta here!
Safiria: Go ahead and run, little moglin. You cannot hide from me. I will find <Character> first though.
Safiria: I can feel my ghouls weakening. Their numbers diminishing. My ranks of minions must remain strong.
Safiria: <Character> will pay for harming my little ones.

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