A Golden Opportunity
Location: SureWould Forest -> Robina -> Quests -> Golden Opportunity
Chain: Dragon Egg Saga
Previous: The Black Dragon Box
Next: Give Until It Hurts

  • Release Date: March 16th, 2007
  • Objective: Robina has agreed to give you the Black Dragon Box in exchange for a few favors, the first of which is recovering a chest of gold stolen by the Darkwolf Bandits.
  • Objective completed: You have fought your way through the Darkwolf Bandits to their forest hideout and recovered the stolen chest for Robina. What could she want with all this gold?
  • Scaled Yes/No: No
  • Experience rewarded: 576
  • Gold rewarded: 24


(12) Darkwolf Robber




Robina: A Golden Opportunity! Time to steal from the Rich...specifically, Richard the Vile, one of the bandits who robbed one of King Alteons caravans!
Robina: A reliable source informed me that the gold was to be a birthday gift for one of King's three daughters.

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