A Hero is Thawed
Location: Log in for the first time -> Chapter 3, Book of Lore -> Book 3 -> A Hero is Thawed -> Chapter 3
Chain: The Rose Saga
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  • Release Date: September 7th, 2012
  • Objective: Your origins are frosty, but your legend begins here in the forest of Oaklore!
  • Objective completed: Your origins are frosty, but your legend begins here in the forest of Oaklore!
  • Scaled : Yes


(1) ManaHunter - Boss



*The character is frozen on a cliff near Oaklore. The ice is starting to melt. Part of it cracks.*

<Character>: *mmphhtbb?!*
<Character>: *(muffled scream)*

*The character breaks free from the ice*

<Character>: Wha.... what happened?
<Character>: How long was I frozen for.... ?

*A dragon appears in the sky. It has many chains on his body*

<Character>: A Dragon?!
<Character>: I thought level <Level> characters were supposed to fight something easy, like bandits...

*An arrow strikes the dragon and it crushes to the ground*

<Character> (thinks): ... I guess it's time to test my skill as a <Class>.....
<Character> (thinks): Y'know.. after I find a way down there.

*A group of three soldiers with identical uniforms enters the scene*

Dian: Well, well, where did you come from?
Fantan: The ice crystal.... it's broken....

*Dian holds a chain and smiles evilly*

Dian: We should take him back to Asterid....
<Character>: I have no idea who you are... but I'm not going anywhere in chains.

Dian: Get him!
???: I don't think so!
Dian: ...Huh?

*Rolith enters the scene and defeats the 3 soldiers*

Rolith: Hahaha, too easy...
<Character>: Rolith!
<Character> (thinks): Man, do I even get experience for this....

You receive a bonus of 10 exp.

<Character>: Whoa... thanks!
Rolith: <Character>!
Rolith: Hurry... there's more of them in the woods!
<Character>: Right!

Follow Rolith in the woods. On your way you may find a bag with 20 Gold.

Rolith: Unhand that moglin!
Amadis: The moglin is a magic creature!

*The moglin is punted at you. You may offer to help or punt it back*

  • If you offer to help:

<Character>: Join my party little fella....

Loads Twilly as a pet.

  • If you choose to punt it back:

<Character>: ?

*The character punts Twilly back*

Twilly: Whyyy iiiis iiiiit aaaalllllwaaaaaayyyyss meeeeee.....!

Whatever your choice is, you now have to fight a Manahunter.

Rolith: <Character>, you're finally free! You've been frozen for years.... <Character>: Years?! You couldn't melt me out?
Rolith: Warlic started your thawing when he finally got free. Otherwise, you might never have gotten out!
Rolith: We've needed you, <Character>... A lot has happened while you've been frozen.
Twilly: The cult of The Rose is trying to stop magic!
<Character>: Stop magic? But how....
Rolith: There's no time now, <Character>. Head up the path to Oaklore and talk with Maya when you get inside.
Rolith: Whatever you do, don't mention magic at the gate and keep <Dragon> well hidden if it has found you!

*Rolith and Twilly leave the scene*

You head in the direction of Oaklore.

???: HALT!

*Another soldier stands near Oaklore's gate*

Ruga: Who goes there!
<Character>: Just a simple adventurer.
Ruga: A hunter? Or a mana user?

  • Doesn't everyone use mana?


Hours later...

*The character is in the forest with Rolith again*

Rol: ...
Rol: Do you have ANY idea what I had to go through just now to get you out of there alive?!
Rol: Ugh.. I told you not to mention mana.... Now you'll have to try again once things calm down.

The quest ends.

  • Well, I guess you could say I hunt for adventure... ?

Ruga: Whatever, just go on. Time for my lunch.

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