A New Penpal?
Location: Popsprocket -> Zapp -> A New Penpal?
Chain: None
Previous: Investigate
Next: Another Floating City

  • Release Date: March 6th, 2009
  • Objective: Deliver the package to Zapp's new Penpal.
  • Objective completed: Uh oh, hopefully someone will find the lost package and return it...
  • Scaled: Yes




Zapp: <Character>, Snou won't write to me any longer thanks to you. You have to get me a new penpal now.
<Character>: I'm sorry about Snou, Zapp, but I think you'll be happier not writing to her... I'll help you deliver something to your new penpal though.
Zapp: I've heard of a young girl in a town called Amityvale. She has a keen interest in botany and has discovered a few rare species.
Zapp: Please, deliver this letter to Thursday and let me know if she wishes to correspond.
<Character>: Sure thing, Zapp.

  • To Amityvale.
  • Maybe later.

Thursday: Hi <Character>! I haven't seen you in ages. What brings you back to Amityvale?
<Character>: Hey Thursday, I actually have ...searches... a note for you... ...rummage...
<Character>: Uh oh...
Thursday: Did you lose it? Don't worry <Character>, I'm sure someone will find it...

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