General Akanthus
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Affiliation: The Rose
Appears in: Smoke in the Trees, The Fairy Court, On Broken Wings
Location: N/A

General Akanthus is the second in command in The Rose hierarchy and is very well respected by his servants.



Watching by his text lines, he doesn't believe in The Rose cause very much and uses his ideals to manipulate others who are questioning the ideals of the organization, Akanthus has some sadist personality when he deals with magic creatures.

The General doesn't care about Lady Jaania's authority very much. His "villainous" personality might be justified, considering his reasons and his viewpoint which made him think that way, for example the reason involving the death of his parents.

When mentioned in the quest An Uncertain Future, he may be considered the main villain of Book 3, considering that he tries to destroy magic for "evil" purposes, unlike Jaania, who tries it for "heroic" causes, at her viewpoint.


  1. Smoke in the Trees
  2. The Fairy Court
  3. On Broken Wings
  4. Homecoming Hurts
  5. An Uncertain Future (Mentioned)