Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Affiliation: None
Appears in: Fire Orb Saga , Final 13th Saga , Frostval Saga
Location: Unknown

Akriloth was one of the most powerful fire beings of Lore, featured at first in The Fire War (Fire Orb Saga). 


The Fire War

When Akriloth appeared, he tricked the Hero into giving him the Fire Orb and then he used it to become an Ultra Magma Dragon. After he beat their dragon, he burnt down Konnan's village, killing his family. The Hero then went on a search, alongside Demento, for a weapon powerful enough to defeat Akriloth, known as the Frozen Claymore. while this was happening Xan was training Konnan into Pyromancy. Akriloth is ultimately slain, but the fire orb ends up in the possession of Drakonnan. To replace the fracture made in the realm of fire, Lady Celestia recieves Akriloth's only son to stabilize the plane of fire once more. Later Akriloth was resurrected by Xan using the fire orb which Sepulchure managed to get.

Final Friday 13th Saga

You fight him again in the Final Friday 13th saga if you choose to try to stop Xan from burn the city of Dragesvard. When The Player's Character is defeated by Sepulchure at the beggining of the Final Friday 13th saga, it is shown Akriloth's son had hatched and that the the undead Akriloth killed Lady Celestia, and Akriloth's son under the control of Sepulchure and the Shadowscythe's army.

Frostval's 2014

After the merge of AE's timelines the versions of Akriloth who doesn't die started to merge creating a much more powerful version of Akriloth, whose went into madness knowing the occuring events of many timelines, something that didn't occured with the many merged characters of DragonFable, he tried to destroy the world at his full power, but was defeated by the Player Character's.


  1. A Letter From Home
  2. Akriloth!
  3. Aftermath
  4. The Mighty Akriloth
  5. After the Ice Orb
  6. Dueling Timelines


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