This is the Book One Counterpart of this shop, are you looking for Alina's Potion Shop (Book 3)?

Alina's Potion Shop is a shop located in falconreach that can upgrade your mana potions' level, it's owned by Alina and she can teach you Mana Alchemy.


Alina potion shop is a shop located in Falconreach, but doesn't plays yet a role in any saga, although you can train Mana alchemy here.

Mana Alchemy


Alchemy is trained at Reens' Potion shop and Alina's Potion Shop. For Alchemy working, you need to gather reagents in Alinas' quests, after this you must "train alchemy", that actually is a combination game.


Threre are also some undead alchemists, that died trying to get the Magic Stone

Notable NPCs


  • Alchemy is different between Reens and Alina
  • Real Alchemy was searching for a magic object that could turn any metal in gold, it was called Philosopher's Stone, and in game is called Magic Stone.
  • Alchemy hasn't played a role in story yet.

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