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Level: Scaled
Location: Techno-Turkey Terror, Ruins of Kordana, The Hunt Begins!, Zorbak's Thankstaking WAR!, Collision Course, Battle Arena, Sho'Nuff Havoc
HP: Scaled
MP: Scaled
Monster Type: Clockwork
Damage: Scaled
Damage Type: Melee
Element: Metal
Stats: STR: 0, INT: 0, DEX: 0, END: 0, CHA: 0, LUK: 0, WIS: 0
Defenses: Melee: 5, Pierce: 5, Magic: 5, Parry: 0, Dodge: 1, Block: 0
Offenses: Crit: 2, Bonus: 0, Boost: 0%
Resistances: Water: -15, Metal: 200, Immobility: 20, Darkness: 20, Light: -50
Attack 1: Comes forth and 'bites' you.
Attack 2: Digs into the floor, forms a Metal ball and throws it at you.
Attack 3: N/A
Attack 4: N/A
Attack 5: N/A
Attack 6: N/A
Gold gained: Scaled
Experience gained: Scaled

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