This is a page for B. M. Moglin's Shop; you may be looking for his real identity?

"I Hear that you want to change something. Maybe I can help." ―B. M. Moglin

Black Market Moglin is a disguise for Zorbak, the ebil moglin to sell exclusive things in Falconreach, such as Weapons and Armors and others like changing name or class.



"Want to change your name? I have papers for that." ―B. M. Moglin
  • Name, for 1000 Dragon Coins
  • Gender, for 1000 Dragon Coins
  • Class, for 500 Dragon Coins


"I might have just the thing to Upgrade some items" ―B. M. Moglin
  • Certain Weapons
  • Some Items
  • Exclusive Event Items
  • Armor Sets


"I don't deal with living things, especially cute ones" ―B. M. Moglin
  • Shadow Armors
  • Pets (just an option, but he says to visit the pet shop)


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