Burn it all!
Location: Sir Vey's Camp -> Sir Vey -> Quests -> Burn It All!
Chain: Sir Vey Quest
Previous: Missing Equipment
Next: N/A

  • Release Date: February 9th, 2007
  • Objective: Sir Vey has discovered that the fermented Mollo fruit produced a chemical that can be used in mind control. Whatever the plans of the Vurr'men are, they must be stopped!
  • Objective completed: Deep in the tunnels beneath the ruins you find the rest of the rotten Mollo fruit being guarded by a Vurr'man Alchemist. You have destroyed the fruit but you have found a mysterious note.
  • Scaled Yes/No: No
  • Experience rewarded: Varies
  • Gold rewarded: Varies





Sir Vey: This is a disaster! When the Mollo fruit ferments it takes on special properties!

Sir Vey: It produces a chemical that would make people very suggestible! It's a MIND CONTROL serum!

Sir Vey: I don't know what the Vurr'men have planned but we've got to stop them at all costs or else we will all end up slaves to those rats!

Sir Vey: Go to their tunnels beneath the Ruins. Find the rest of the Mollo fruit... and burn it. Every last barrel of the stuff!

Secret Path

Most of the people are having problems in this mission. They are not able to find the secret path.

When you walk through a door where there is a potion symbol on it.


Potion Symbol

Usually you will reach this place.

Mission Burn it all confuse df

Confuse point

This happens when you normally come!

Instead stop in front of the potion symbol door and

click the location as shown in the below image.

Point to click

Location to click

If you followed the above instruction clearly you will reach here:

Secret way

Secret Passage

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