Race: Pure Darkness Spirit
Gender: Neutral (Thus it looks like female)
Affiliation: Baron Jaysun Valtrith, Opprobrious (former), Shadowscythe
Appears in: None
Location: N/A

Dyana "Caitiff" Valtrith is the sister of Baron Jaysun Valtrith and was alive over six hundred years ago.

Caitiff is an entity that formed by a fraction of the Mysterious Stranger's cloak in a ritual performed by Baron Valtrith, killing Serenity in the process, thus being so powerful it chooses to obey Valtrith, justified as he gained Caitiff command by possessing the scrap of cloak from Mysterious Stranger.

In Shattered, Caitiff finds small shards of the Ultimate Orb and the shards go in to where her arm cracks open.

In Chasm, during the final boss fight-- both the combined powers of The Hero and Caitiff defeat the Baron Valtrith, who is now trapped in his mask.

In Doomed, Caitiff tries to recruit the hero's dragon which ends up in a battle where Caitiff emerges victorious and promises the dragon that they would spare the life of the hero, which leads to the dragon agreeing in order to save his hero's life and results in Caitiff using a Doom Dragon Amulet that transforms the dragon into a Doom Dragon.

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