Cysero's Superstore of Savings outside

Outside view.

Cysero's Superstore of Savings! is a shop owned by Cysero, where you can buy powerful and rare items with DragonCoins, it's located at the tower Cysero shares with Warlic


"You can ignore this letter since I'm back in Falconreach now" ―Cysero's Letter

No history surrounds the shop, only that Cysero walks around Lore in order to find ingredients to make powerful items. It hasn't appeared in any saga yet, but is mentioned by Warlic during the Dragon Egg Saga and during The Storm.

Dragon Egg Saga

"...Because it's Cysero's side of the Tower..." ―Warlic

You get into the tower in order to invocate the Doomkitten, that would discover the real Dragon Egg, then you face it and get the egg!

Notable NPCs


  • Hasn't played a role in any saga yet.
  • Cysero appears in all but two rooms of the tower.
  • Although he shares the tower with Warlic, his part is not accessible in Falconreach.
  • Some exclusive armors are sold here.

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