"t's a shame you do not possess a Doom Weapon. A hero as powerful as you deserves an equally powerful weapon." ―Mysterious Stranger

The Doom Weapons, or the Weapons of Doom, are the most powerful weapons in game, and so the most expensive. They play a major role in the storyline.


Origins of Doom Weapons

The Doom Weapons are created when a spirit of pure darkness came from it's own realm to ours and bind itself with a weapon or item.

Most person wielded the Doom Weapons ended up death or mad or worse ... Sepulchure


"The Doom Weapons! I was up to throw them of, but they had already diappeared!" ―Serenity

After Mary Gray left the Falconreach Inn, a mysterious woman named Sabrina appeared there and started to sale a mystic kind of darkness weapons, the Doom Weapons.

Sabrina disappeared after the Undead Assault and Serenity was up to destroy the Doom Weapons, when they disappeared.

Exactly as this time, a mysterious hooded man, known as Mysterious Stranger, start to talk about the Doom Weapons, believed to be destroyed, and then, the hooded man started to sale them... for those who he deemed deserved.

The Necrotic Blade of Doom's Story

The necrotic blade of doom was originally owned by Sepulchure and it looks to command him, even because it was later explained that the Mysterious Stranger controlled the blade, and obviously, controls Sepulchure.

After loads of quests, in the Final 13th Saga, Drakath planned to betray his master, Sepulchere, and tried to kill him with the master's blade, althrough he gets the orb, Sepulchure survived, and along with the Hero, they Destroyed Drakath.

Then, the Mysterious Stranger appeared, he states that Sepulchure, and Drakath, were just puppets, and gets the Ultimate Orb for himself, he also absorbed the Necrotic Blade of Doom and knocked out his pupil Sepulchure.

Types of Doom Weapons

How to Upgrade Doom Weapons

1.Buy a Doom Weapon in Mysterious Stranger's Shop.

2.Visit Chamney at Crystal Clear Lake, at Amityvalle and Upgrade Doom.

3.Have a visit to Mysterious Stranger and Upgrade Doom.

4.Have a visit to Yulgar at Battleon and Upgrade Doom.

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