The Doomkitten is a creature that was summoned by Warlic in the quest Summoning Help, in order to identify the dragon egg. A widespread rumor claimed that players could earn a free Dragon Amulet by beating this enemy more than 200 times, but this has been confirmed to be false.

This boss scales down each time you attempt to beat it.


General Stats Defense Offense
HP: scaled Strength: 5 Melee: 0 Damage: scaled
MP: scaled Intelligence: 12 Range: 0 Crit: 2
Exp: scaled Dexterity: 12 Magic: 0 Bonus: 0
Gold: scaled Endurance: 2 Parry: 1 Boost: 0%
Level: scaled Charisma: 20 Dodge: 1 Element: Darkness
Race: Elemental Luck: 5 Block: 0
Dragon Coins: --


Shrink: 100%

Immobility: 95%

Darkness: 200%

Light: 50%

Stone: 50%

Fire: 50%

Ice: 50%

Metal: 50%

Water: -200%

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