This is the Book One Counterpart of Dr. Voltabolt, are you looking for Book 3's?
"Vhat? Do you really think you are zmart enough to haff a converzation vith a mechanical genius like myzzzzelf? *Humf*"
Dr. Voltabolt
Race: Human
Gender: None
Affiliation: Popsrocket {temporary}
Appears in: Thankstaking Storybook and Energy Orb Saga
Location: Dr. Voltabolt's Challenge

Doctor Voltabolt is a mad scientist, mechanichal genius, dentist and supreme high technomancer. He also considers that magic is inferior to science. He is similar to Lim, who also thinks the same way. In every Thankstaking he creates an invention and attacks Falconreach, to show the superiority of science. He was once recruited to aid the gnomes of Popsrocket in the war against Sepulchure in order to protect the Energy Orb, which he agreed. He was also responsible for making the colors of Surewood Forest fade out, but the problem has been since solved. He also allied with Zorbak and fill the town with turkeys. They created a Mega Turkey together.

Quests given

  1. You Need More Iron In Your Diet
  2. Techno-Turkey Terror
  3. Thankstaking 08

Shops owned

Dr. Voltabolt Clockwork Merge Shop

Location: Dr. Voltabolt's Challenge -> Create Item

  1. Clockwork Tog
  2. SteamTog
  3. RoboTog
  4. PowerTog
  5. 20-Watt Brightbulb
  6. 30-Watt Brightbulb
  7. Rare Clockwork Tog
  8. Rare SteamTog
  9. Rare RoboTog
  10. Rare PowerTog

Ze Reagentz Zhop!

Location:Thankstaking War! -> Dr. Voltabolt -> DC Shop: Corns and Feathers

  1. Corn Kernel
  2. Turkey Tail Feather

Turkey Upgrade Shop



  1. 5 lb Butterbomb
  2. 10 lb Butterbomb
  3. 15 lb Butterbomb
  4. Corporal Butterbomb
  5. Major Butterbomb
  6. Major Butterbomb Jr.
  7. Colonel Butterbomb
  8. Brigadier General Butterbomb
  9. Major General Butterbomb Jr.
  10. Major General Butterbomb
  11. Lieutenant General Butterbomb Jr.
  12. Lieutenant General Butterbomb
  13. General Butterbomb
  14. 2 Star General Butterbomb
  15. 3 Star General Butterbomb
  16. 4 Star General Butterbomb
  17. 5 Star General Butterbomb
  18. 6 Star General Butterbomb


  1. Techno-Turkey Terror
  2. Dr. Voltabolt's Challenge
  3. Thankstaking War!
  4. Thankstaking Leftovers!
  5. Thankstaking 08
  6. Recruit Voltabolt!
  7. Never Say Dye
  8. Live and Let Dye
  9. Collision Course
  10. Feast of Welcomegiving!
  11. The Biggest Thankstaking Ever!
  12. Appointment
  13. Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 1 and 3,
  14. Rotten Turducken


  • He was one of the few NPC in Lore who support science rather than magic.

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