Dragon Amulet
This article contains information about an item or quest that is only available to players who have upgraded their characters and received a Dragon Amulet.
DragonLord Helm
DragonLord Helm
Level: 12
Price: 450 DragonCoins
Sellback: 405 DCs before 24 hours, 113 DCs after 24 hours
Location: Cysero’s Superstore of Savings! - Helms and Capes
Element: None
Effect: Crit +1, Magic Def +2, Melee Def +3, END+1, LUK +1, INT +5, DEX +2, STR +5, Darkness +5, Metal +2
Rarity: 12
This helm was forged from the same materials used in making the DragonLord Armor. It was designed to strike the same fear and awe into the Dragonlord's foes.