The city of DragonLords.

Dragonsgrasp is a DragonLord-only town that is being pulled though the sky by dragons. A player would need a Dragon Amulet in order to enter.

Quests Available



Inspector Doyle



Bluestar Weaponry

DragonLord Items

Location: Dragongrasp -> Down -> Right -> Left -> Enter the house shop -> Reni -> Gold! -> Item Shop


Reni: Ahh, didn't I see you in the weapon shop earlier?

Dragonsgrasp House Shop

Location: Dragonsgrasp -> Down -> Right -> Left -> Enter shop with House symbol above -> Reni -> Gold! -> House Shop


Reni: Ahh, didn't I see you in the weapon shop earlier?

Dragonsgrasp House Items

Location: Dragonsgrasp -> Down -> Right -> Left -> Enter shop with House symbol above -> Reni -> Gold! -> Item Shop


Reni: Ahh, didn't I see you in the weapon shop earlier?

DragonLord Keep

Location: Dragongrasp -> Down -> Right -> Left -> Enter the house shop -> Reni -> Dragon Coins! -> House Shop


Reni: Ahh, didn't I see you in the weapon shop earlier?

Reni DC

Location: Dragongrasp -> Down -> Right -> Enter the weapon shop -> Reni -> DC Shop



Reni: Greetings, friend! Didn't I see you outside the dragon pens earlier?


City Entrance

Sir Baumbard: Ah, hello again, <Character>.... I... urp... am happy to see you... Welcome to Dragonsgrasp.

  • Dragonsgrasp?

Sir Baumbard: Dragonsgrasp is the stronghold of the DragonLord Order
Sir Baumbard: To keep it secure, only those who have become one of the Order and bonded with their dragon may enter.
Sir Baumbard: You see, Dragonsgrasp is also a prison.... In the very depths of the city, a special, enchanted cell holds one of the Order's greatest foes...
Sir Baumbard: ... as the prisoner was also one of the greatest DragonLords. The only DragonLord, in fact, to bond with one of the Great Dragons.
Sir Baumbard: Vilmor turned against the Order, though, and now we keep one of our own locked away...

  • What can I do here?

Sir Baumbard: For now, feel free to explore. The merchants are restocking in Swordhaven and Channiru meets with Alteon.
Sir Baumbard: In the coming weeks more and more will be available here. In fact, I expect to see the weapons vendor here next week.
Sir Baumbard: The weapons shop and Inn are in the interior of the city. If you're seeking more training, then you can find it in the Armory.
Sir Baumbard: If you venture into the depths of the city, you may even find Channiru visiting his prisoner....

  • Why is the city here?

Sir Baumbard: For security... urp... the city piloted by our dragons... it is... mmph... constantly in... motion.
Sir Baumbard: As the most... urp... senior DragonLord... in the region... it falls to me to... coordinate efforts...
Sir Baumbard: and... mmph... inform the head guard Channiru of the dangers in the area.
Sir Baumbard: The city... moves... I look forward to the time I... urp... will get to spend on the ground in Oaklore... It's better... when I think of solid ground... Sir Baumbard: Dragonsgrasp shall be in the sky over Falconreach... mmph... for a while though.

  • Are you.... okay?

Sir Baumbard: The... mmph... constant swaying.... urp... of the city....
Sir Baumbard: ... air sick... mmmph....
Sir Baumbard: ... I shall.... urp.... try... to visit... Oaklore soon.

Dragon Trainer

Tanis: Hello <Character>! I've heard a lot about you and your dragon. If you'd like to play some games with little <Dragon>, come and visit me.


Hudson: Welcome to the Baker Street Inn. How can I help you?

  • Rest
  • Potions
  • Set Hometown

Hudson: Are you certain you want to make Dragonsgrasp your home?

Inspector Doyle: When you have eliminated the impossible... you will find the truth in what remains.

  • Talk

Inspector Doyle: I am not interested in rumors, stories, legends. I only seek the truth.
Inspector Doyle: What we know is this. Vilmor is a dragonlord, born and bred from an honorable family.
Inspector Doyle: Vilmor's prowess in battle, and the bond created with the Great Ice Dragon, were unmatched.
Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was seen as fiercely loyal to the Order. The slightest injury of the Great Dragon was immediately seen to.
Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was active among the people. Would help to build towns, bring supplies, fight invasions.
Inspector Doyle: Then... the Incident.
Inspector Doyle: An entire town, decimated.
Inspector Doyle: The Great Ice Dragon injured, rebelling against the very DragonLord with whom it was bonded to from hatching.
Inspector Doyle: After the destruction of the village of Bask... the Great Ice Dragon is lost. Those that survived have stated the dragon escaped but it has not returned.
Inspector Doyle: Vilmor was found in the epicenter, besides the remains of the Guardian Tower.
Inspector Doyle: Unbeknowst to us, and Vilmor, the Ice Orb, which was once under that tower's protection, had been stolen long before.
Inspector Doyle: Scrying has vaguely placed it somewhere in the north, but the power of the Orb conceals it's final location.
Inspector Doyle: The town of Dragesvard would be a good starting point... but the DragonSlayer, Galanoth, is... not always welcoming of our assistance. Inspector Doyle: So I leave the possibility of that case to him... we do not wish to provoke the DragonSlayer without more facts.
Inspector Doyle: Vilmor remains much closer to home...
Inspector Doyle: What would cause someone so fiercely loyal to betray all they had known? To sever a bond that had been nurtured since childhood?
Inspector Doyle: Was Vilmor after the Orb itself? Or was the once great DragonLord... working for a new master?

  • Quests

Inspector Doyle: I shall call upon you soon, <Character>. I fear there is much more to this case than many of my counterparts would like to believe.

Weapons Shop

Reni: Greetings, friend! Didn't I see you outside the dragon pens earlier?

House Shop

Reni: Ahh, didn't I see you in the weapon shop earlier?

Outside the Prison Gate

Channiru: I am the Warden, Channiru. What business do you have down here, DragonLord.

  • Who is Vilmor?

Channiru: Vilmor is the last of a line. The child, in fact, of the architect that built this very city, and many others that have been long lost.
Channiru: Vilmor's ancestors were among the first to bond with dragonkin and their bond have always been strong.
Channiru: In fact, Vilmor was the only DragonLord to bond with a Great Dragon. They were a sight...
Channiru: Regardless, those days are long gone and the Great Ice Dragon... is lost to us.
Channiru: We may never know all of Vilmor's crimes, but breaking the bond... the trust... of your dragon. Harming it...
Channiru: Vilmor's heart contains great evil, and I shall make sure this jail is secure enough to contain it.

  • Why did Vilmor become evil?

Channiru: Vilmor was once one of the most noble, honorable DragonLords I had the honor to serve with. At every turn a new award, a new commendation.
Channiru: Ranks were quickly gained... but with great power, come great strain... and apparently Vilmor could not withstand temptation.
Channiru: Inspector Doyle has been tasked with resolving the mysteries of the case but he seems to spend more time daydreaming in the Inn then making inquiries.

  • What can I do?

Channiru: For now, nothing. Be watchful, though, <Character>. If Vilmor were to escape.... it could mean the destruction of the DragonLord Order.

  • After completion of Betrayal:

Channiru: The Jail is finally secure again. The cell at the bottom is ready for its' new occupant... if he can be caught.

  • Frostscythe?

Channiru: Vilmor has gone after her old friend, Frostscythe.
Channiru: She has sworn to see him put behind the bars she stared at for so long.
Channiru: I fear that he will not be easy prey to catch though, especially with the new powers he absorbed through Cryozen.
Channiru: The fact that he remained hidden for so long before... that he managed to hide the truth and fool us all for so long...
Channiru: Frostscythe will not be brought in easily.

  • So Vilmor is free?

Channiru: Vilmor was not the one behind the destruction at Bask. The harm done to Cryozen was not her fault...
Channiru: Though she still holds some guilt in her heart, Frostscythe's jealousy and misplaced ambition was the force behind it all.
Channiru: Unfortunately, it resulted in a terrible misjustice against Vilmor. The rift between her and the DragonLords will take time to heal.
Channiru: She is free. I only hope that one day she will feel at home here again...

  • Can I help?

Channiru: Vilmor has claimed Frostscythe as her quarry. If she needs help, I'm sure you'll be the first she seeks out.

Soldier Barracks

Captain Lestrad: And just where do you think you're going?

  • Talk

Captain Lestrad: This is a prison, not a museum. While you're wandering about, some of us have work to do.
Captain Lestrad: I suppose you've met our prisoner, Vilmor? *spits* Any DragonLord that would harm their dragon...
Captain Lestrad: And Doyle just sits in the Inn, daydreaming. With him in charge of the case, we may never know the full extent of Vilmor's villainy.


Aine: Greetings, <Character>! I am Aine, and I would be delighted to show you what it is like to be a DragonWarrior.
Aine: We combine the best aspects of the Warrior and fiercest traits of our Dragon brothers and sisters.
Aine: You would do very well as a DragonWarrior, <Class>. Join us!

Jonath: Welcome to Dragonsgrasp, <Class>. I am a DragonMage, a rank above your normal Mage.
Jonath: I have studied in many lands, and taught in more. I am quite wise, you'll find.
Jonath: I've heard a lot about you. I think you'll make a fitting DragonMage.

Mi'Kael: You'll find DragonRogues are stealthy. Silent. Strong.
Mi'Kael: We want you to join us. <Character>. You won't regret it.

Knox: Welcome to the DragonsGrasp Armory!

  • Quests

Knox: This is so cool! I can't believe I get to talk to the famous <Character>!



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