Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: None
Appears in: The Fire War
Location: Yulgar's Shop (formerly)

Konnan, later named Drakonnan, is the secondary antagonist in The Fire War in DragonFable.

Early life

Konnan spent his time in Yulgar's Shop in Falconreach. He worked alongside him, and admired the Hero for their great deeds.

The Fire War

Akriloth's Attack

A ferocious dragon named Akriloth emerged and proceeded to attack Konnan's village. He went to the Hero and requested that he/she slay the dragon and save his family. The Hero agreed to do what was possible, however when they went face to face against Akriloth with their own dragon, they were defeated due to the immense power from the The Fire Orb. After that, Akriloth resumed burning Konnan's village to the ground. 

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