Elemental Unity
Level: 5
Price: N/A
Sellback: 19 DragonCoins
Location: By purchasing one of the Elemental Unity Packages for either $5.00 or $9.95
Element: Good
Effect: Crit +2, CHA +5, INT +7, DEX +7, STR +7 - Elemental Unity Skill
Rarity: 77
Celebrate the end of Chapter 1! The world of Lore need elemental unity and balance between the planes for peace.

Combine 1 with 500 Defender's Medal to form Elemental Unity Defender I


ChickenOut 2

Effect: 200% Magic Good damage, -30 Bonus for 3 turns.

Mana Cost: 10 MP

Duration: N/A

Charge Time: 29 turns

Elemental Unity 2

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