"Stepping through the Gate is like walking through a waterfall; power slowly washes over you, coursing down your skin and soaking inside you, covering you in a thin layer of chill

that vanishes with a POP, remisiscent of a bubble bursting, as you break through to the other side. Find yourself standing on the edge of an island in the middle of the Void.  Welcome to Pellow Village, once a part of Ravenloss, but now ripped from the land it was formed in, left to float in isolation.  Containing power and greed, hunger and ambition, trapping them in a place where they can do no harm. As long as the Gate stayed locked."

~Design Notes

The Equilibrum Gate is a portal in Ravenloss that teleports to the Pellow Village, which is somewhere in the Void. To open the gate are 8 keys needed: The Cloud Key, The Flax Key, The Ember Key, The Shell Key, The Bolt Key, The Icicle Key, The Aurora Key, and The Void Key. In the beginning of the Ravenloss Saga, the Equilibrum Gate was told to be just a gate, but then there is discovered that the gate itself was a portal.

The Equilibrum Gate plays a important role in the Ravenloss Saga, with Greed wanting to open the gate at all costs.

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