"And old straw hat sits forgotten behind a barrel of pet food. It seems to glow malenvolenty and you don't really want to touch it..." ―Falconreach Spy Saga

The Falconreach Spy Saga is a saga between the Water Orb Saga and the Earth Orb Saga, the Spy of Falconreach is discovered after this saga. The spy is actually Sabrina disguised as Grams.


"The Spy is placed" ―Xan

The Spy Saga begins when The Necromantress and Xan are talking, then she leaves and Xan talks to Sepulchure that the "Spy" is placed in Falconreach.

Then, lots of animals start to leave the Pet Shop and the Hero must defeat them, later, Gramms reveals to be the Spy of Falconreach, but she looses a fight to the hero.

Then she talks to Sepulchure, but he says now she's useless, once all the Orbs are with him or the hero, exept for the Earth Orb, that was split. Then, Sepulchure reveals the Falconreach Spy to be Sabrina, and send her to Badlands.

Involved Characters


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