Fires Over Oaklore
Location: Oaklore Keep -> Sir Baumbard -> Fires Over Oaklore
Chain: None
Previous: None
Next: None
230px-Fires Over Oaklore
  • Release Date: March 7th, 2008
  • Objective: Sir Baumbard has asked that you ride his dragon into battle and help defend Oaklore Keep from the waves of attacking undead.

Objective completed: You have done it! You have thinned out the waves of attacking undead. The knights of the Pactagonal Table cheer when you and Glumbert land, and award you with a Defender's Medal for defending Oaklore Keep!

  • Scaled: No






Sir Baumbard: The Green Slime Jellllo, in Sir Loin's Inn, while delicious, does not sit well when dive bombing on dragon back.
Sir Baumbard: For years Glumbert and I have fought side by side against the forces of evil. After I created the lightbombs I took Glumbert out for a flight.
Sir Baumbard: As it turns out, I got terribly... airsick.
Sir Baumbard: Are you willing to go in my place and become a hero? I will go inside the Keep now and have the Knights clear the area.

  • Fires Over Oaklore!
  • Back

Slime Boss: *Shlop* Humans! Surrender your keep to the slimes! *Slopk*
Femur: Ehm, and Undead...
Slime Boss: *Flurp* The day of the slimes has come! *Glorp*
Sir Vivor: Instructions Captain?
Sir Render: It's just a slime, level 2, maybe 3. Send the archers.
Sir Valence and Sir Vivor: Yes sir!

  • Arrows shoot at the slimes

Slime Boss: *Glorp*

  • Arrows disappear

Sir Vivor: Something's wrong Sir! Our attacks aren't having any effects!
Sir Render: Reinforce the doors!
Slime Boss: Victory is ours! Slimes...
Femur: ...and Undead...
Slime Boss: ...Attaaaaaack!

  • Bomb falls from the sky and hits a slime and an undead

Sir Render: What happened? Who dropped the bomb?
Sir Vivor: In the sky Sir!
Sir Render: Is it a bird? is it a glider?
Sir Valence: It's...Wait, what the heck is that?
Slime Boss: *Sploop* Ruuuuuuun!!!

  • Minigame starts


  • Play
    • Start Level - Begins the minigame
    • Leave Quest! - Sends you to the front of Oaklore Keep's entrance gate.
  • Instructions - Gives you instructions on how to play the game.
  • Back - Replays the minigame intro.


  • The music note in the top-right hand corner toggles the music on and off.
  • This is the only quest that gives Defender's Medals outside of a war event.
  • The minigame has a total of 20 waves to complete:
    • Wave 1: Goal: 16 of 40
    • Wave 2: Goal: 17 of 39
    • Wave 3: Goal: 18 of 37
    • Wave 4: Goal: 18 of 36
    • Wave 5: Goal: 19 of 35
    • Wave 6: Goal: 19 of 34
    • Wave 7: Goal: 20 of 33
    • Wave 8: Goal: 21 of 32
    • Wave 9: Goal: 21 of 31
    • Wave 10: Goal: 23 of 30
    • Wave 11: Goal: 20 of 28
    • Wave 12: Goal: 18 of 26
    • Wave 13: Goal: 18 of 24
    • Wave 14: Goal: 14 of 21
    • Wave 15: Goal: 12 of 18
    • Wave 16: Goal: 7 of 15
    • Wave 17: Goal: 9 of 12
    • Wave 18: Goal: 8 of 11
    • Wave 19: Goal: 7 of 9
    • Wave 20: Goal: 5 of 7

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