• Location: Falconreach Dock, Doomwood Dock
  • Level/Quest/Items required: Must wear Angler armor
  • Release Date: April 3rd, 2009
  • Objective: This dock is for fishing!
  • Objective completed: After a hard day of fishing, you change back into your normal adventuring outfit and prepare for some nice relaxing monster battles.
  • Scaled Yes/No: No.
  • Experience rewarded: None
  • Gold rewarded: Vary (times*gold bag with 300-500)

Rank List

Rank 1: Amateur Angler - For next rank you need 60 fs.
Rank 2: Chum Bucket - For next rank you need 144 fs.
Rank 3: Worm Wrangler - For next rank you need 283 fs.
Rank 4: Gill Scraper - For next rank you need 477 fs.
Rank 5: Finface - For next rank you need 726 fs.
Rank 6: Bait Handler - For next rank you need 1030 fs.
Rank 7: Clam Digger - For next rank you need 1389 fs.
Rank 8: Apprentice Fisher - For next rank you need 1803 fs.
Rank 9: Net Caster - For next rank you need 2272 fs.
Rank 10: Trawler - For next rank you need 2796 fs.
Rank 11: Casting Pro - For next rank you need 3375 fs.
Rank 12: Shark Wrestler - For next rank you need 4009 fs.
Rank 13: Chief Neurosturgeon - For next rank you need 4698 fs.
Rank 14: Achilles Eel - For next rank you need 5442 fs.
Rank 15: Piscator - For next rank you need 6241 fs.
Rank 16: Tackle Chief - For next rank you need 7095 fs.
Rank 17: King Fisher - For next rank you need 8004 fs.
Rank 18: Cod Among Man - For next rank you need 8968 fs.
Rank 19: Troutmaster - For next rank you need 9987 fs.
Rank 20: Hook Lord - For next rank you need 11061 fs.
Rank 21: Micky 'Two Fins' - For next rank you need 12190 fs.
Rank 22: Flipper - For next rank you need 13374 fs.
Rank 23: Squid Kid - For next rank you need 14613 fs.
Rank 24: Whale farmer - For next rank you need 15907 fs.
Rank 25: Acute Angler - For next rank you need 17256 fs.
Rank 26: Duke of Fluke - For next rank you need 18660 fs.
Rank 27: Sir Fishalot - For next rank you need 20119 fs.
Rank 28: Bass Kicker - For next rank you need 21633 fs.
Rank 29: Eel Of Fortune - For next rank you need 23202 fs.
Rank 30: Master Of The Deep - For next rank you need 24826 fs.

Fishing Points formula:$ 27.5x^2+1.5x+31 $ , where x is your rank Total Fishing Points needed: 261640

In Falconreach Dock

Stick - Bark is worse than its bite. 5-15 fs.
Boot - It might fit, but do you really want to try it on? 15-25 fs.
Gluppy - A tiny bait fish. 25-35 fs.
Goldfish - So this is where Grams got the Pet! 35-45 fs.
Blandfish- A very common bottom feeder. 45-55 fs.
Rubberfish - Bounces if dropped. Very Chewy. 55-65 fs.
Redfin - A tasty fish from Falconreach Bay. 65-75 fs.
Willowfin - His mom said he was a catch. 75-85 fs.
Blue Jester - The source of Artix's fish puns. 85-95 fs.
Fsh - It's got no I's. 95-105 fs.
Black Angel - The holiest of fish. 105-115 fs.
Lakehorse - This unusual fish was named for its resemblance to a lake. 115-125 fs.
Jumbo Shrimp - Get it? Jumbo shrimp! Hah. 125-135 fs.
Wingfin - A fish can leap hundreds of feet from the water. Not a smart fish. 135-145 fs.
Bullfish - Charges whenever it sees a Redfin. 145-155 fs.
Rainbow Lakehorse - A rare and beautiful fish usually found in the tropics. 155-165 fs.
Undead Trout - You must have used worm brains to bait your hook. 165-175 fs.
Sparklefin - A very rare fish from the darkest depths. 175-185 fs.
Peanutbutter Jellyfish - This rare fish tastes different depending the mood. 185-195 fs.
Mr Fish - The very rare game developer fish. 195-205 fs.
Gold - It's gold. Not all of these have to be witty. (You cant see it in the Aquarium...)

In Doomwood Dock (DA)

Ratfin - The most common fish in the Doomwood swamp. 105-115
Zombie Fish - Try to keep this fish away from the Brainfin! 115-125
Onyx trumpeter - A very talented yet noisy fish. 125-135
Kissyfish - Gives new meaning to the term 'Fish Lips'. 135-145
Clown Fish - Like it's namesake this fish is more scary than funny. 145-155
Pillfin - Eat two of these fish and call me in the morning. 155-165
Scythefish - Best friends with the Deathfin. 165-175
Holy Angelfish - This fish purifies the water around it. 175-185
Nautilus - This living fossil is a little shellfish. It won't share it's house with anyone. 185-195
Thermofin - This fish is good for gauging water temperature. 195-205
Phishing Fish - Never give your login info to a strange fish. 205-215
Rainbow Scooter - This colorful, happy little fish loves everything. 215-225
Toothfish - Warning: This fish bites. 225-235
Yaga Hatfish - This fish is a master of disguise. 235-245
Hookworm - Use this water worm to catch even larger fish. 245-255
Somean Lionfish - Who knew there were mean fish too? 255-265
Ripleyfish - The acidic blood in this fish makes it hard to eat. 265-275
Werefish - During the full moon it turns into a wet wolf. 275-285
Guardian Dragonfish - This fish is sworn to defend Mereguardians. 285-295
Hagfish - This fish can turn frogs into people. 295-305
Brainfin - You think dolphins are smart? Check THIS fish out. 305-315
Cthulhu Trout - This elder fish comes from the lakes outside of reality. 315-325
Chuckles Fish - Save Chuckles! 325-335
404fin - Fish Not Found! 335-345
Gearfish - This fish is only useful until it loses its teeth. 345-355
Vampirefish - Keep out of direct sunlight. 355-365
Finned Mummy - The existence of this ancient fish has been kept under wraps for centuries. 365-375
Glassfish - Handle With Care. 375-385
Go Fish - Got any fours? 385-395
Swordfish - Get it? Sword? Fish? 395-405
Ghostuna - This fish is VERY hard to catch without a proton pack. 405-415
Fishstick - lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown. Then released back into the water. 415-425
Cakefish - This fish is a lie. 425-435
Ninja Starfish - One of the most stealthy fish in all of Lore. 435-445
Syringe Beta - This fish will really give your aquarium a shot in the arm. 445-455
Gillknight - Honorable and brave, this fish protects weak fish and defends helpless fish. 455-465
Hectopump - A cross between a pumpkin and an octopus? What does that taste like? 465-475
Smallmouth Bass - This fish is a 4-string wonder of the sea! 475-485
Deathfin - Fish who die untimely deaths owe this very rare fish a favor. 485-495
Kingcrab Cake - Buttery and tasty, this very rare shellfish can be dinner AND dessert. 495-505
GOLLLLLLD - It's shiny!

Special fish (Non-DA)

Johnnyfish Lets you do 2 Leagues Under the Sea and after that a button on the sidebar will take you to The Locker) from both docks

Special fish (DA)

KingCrab Cake (+3 STR for 11 turns...) ...from Doomwood Dock...
Smallmouth Bass (+3 DEX for 11 turns...) ...from Doomwood Dock...
Ninja Starfish (+5 Bonus for 11 turns...) ...from Doomwood Dock...
Hectopump (+1 Dodge for 11 turns...) ...from Doomwood Dock...
Syringe Beta ( Stuffed for 6 turns - No effect) ...from Doomwood Dock...


  • You can catch a bag of gold that contains between 300 and 500 gold.
  • Catching a fish can give you 5-205 in Falconreach and 105-505 in Doomwood.
  • When your rank is higher, it is easier to catch fish and you will catch better fish.
  • Stuffed effect doesn't add or do anything yet.