Fishing is a minigame that the Hero is able to take part in.


  • Location: Falconreach Dock, Doomwood Dock, Dracolich Fishing
  • Items required: Must wear Angler armor
  • Release Date: April 3rd, 2009
  • Objective: This dock is for fishing!
  • Objective completed: After a hard day of fishing, you change back into your normal adventuring outfit and prepare for some nice relaxing monster battles.
  • Experience rewarded: None
  • Gold rewarded: Varies (300-500 in a Bag of Gold)

List of Ranks

Note: Rank 21 and above can only be acquired if the player has a Dragon Amulet.

  1. Amateur Angler (60 points)
  2. Chum Bucket (144 points)
  3. Worm Wrangler (283 points)
  4. Gill Scraper (477 points)
  5. Finface (726 points)
  6. Bait Handler (1030 points)
  7. Clam Digger (1389 points)
  8. Apprentice Fisher (1803 points)
  9. Net Caster (2272 points)
  10. Trawler (2796 points)
  11. Casting Pro (3375 points)
  12. Shark Wrestler (4009 points)
  13. Chief Neurosturgeon (4698 points)
  14. Achilles Eel (5442 points)
  15. Piscator (6241 points)
  16. Tackle Chief (7095 points)
  17. King Fisher (8004 points)
  18. Cod Among Man (8968 points)
  19. Troutmaster (9987 points)
  20. Hook Lord (11,061 points)
  21. Micky 'two fins' (12,190 points)
  22. Flipper (13,374 points)
  23. Squid Kid (14,613 points)
  24. Whale farmer (15,907 points)
  25. Acute Angler (17,256 points)
  26. Duke of Fluke (18,660 points)
  27. Sir Fishalot (20,119 points)
  28. Bass Kicker (21,633 points)
  29. Eel of Fortune (23,202 points)
  30. Master of the Deep (24,826 points)
Total Fishing Points needed

List of Fishes

In Falconreach Dock

Species Description Points
Stick Bark is worse than its bite. 5-15
Boot It might fit, but do you really want to try it on? 15-25
Gluppy A tiny bait fish. 25-35
Goldfish So this is where Grams got the Pet! 35-45
Blandfish A very common bottom feeder. 45-55
Rubberfish Bounces if dropped. Very Chewy. 55-65
Redfin A tasty fish from Falconreach Bay. 65-75
Willowfin His mom said he was a catch. 75-85
Blue Jester The source of Artix's fish puns. 85-95
Fsh It's got no I's. 95-105
Black Angel The holiest of fish. 105-115
Lakehorse This unusual fish was named for its resemblance to a lake. 115-125
Jumbo Shrimp Get it? Jumbo shrimp! Hah. 125-135
Wingfin A fish can leap hundreds of feet from the water. Not a smart fish. 135-145
Bullfish Charges whenever it sees a Redfin. 145-155
Rainbow Lakehorse A rare and beautiful fish usually found in the tropics. 155-165
Undead Trout You must have used worm brains to bait your hook. 165-175
Sparklefin A very rare fish from the darkest depths. 175-185
Peanutbutter Jellyfish This rare fish tastes different depending the mood. 185-195
Mr Fish The very rare game developer fish. 195-205
Gold It's gold. Not all of these have to be witty. N/A

In Doomwood Dock

Dragon Amulet
This section contains information about an item or quest that is only available to players who have upgraded their characters and received a Dragon Amulet.
Species Description Points
Ratfin The most common fish in the Doomwood swamp. 105-115
Zombie Fish Try to keep this fish away from the Brainfin! 115-125
Onyx Trumpeter A very talented yet noisy fish. 125-135
Kissyfish Gives new meaning to the term 'Fish Lips'. 135-145
Clown Fish Like it's namesake this fish is more scary than funny. 145-155
Pillfin Eat two of these fish and call me in the morning. 155-165
Scythefish Best friends with the Deathfin. 165-175
Holy Angelfish This fish purifies the water around it. 175-185
Nautilus This living fossil is a little shellfish. It won't share it's house with anyone. 185-195
Thermofin This fish is good for gauging water temperature. 195-205
Phishing Fish Never give your login info to a strange fish. 205-215
Rainbow Scooter This colorful, happy little fish loves everything. 215-225
Toothfish Warning: This fish bites. 225-235
Yaga Hatfish This fish is a master of disguise. 235-245
Hookworm Use this water worm to catch even larger fish. 245-255
Somean Lionfish Who knew there were mean fish too? 255-265
Ripleyfish The acidic blood in this fish makes it hard to eat. 265-275
Werefish During the full moon it turns into a wet wolf. 275-285
Guardian Dragonfish This fish is sworn to defend Mereguardians. 285-295
Hagfish This fish can turn frogs into people. 295-305
Brainfin You think dolphins are smart? Check THIS fish out. 305-315
Cthulhu Trout This elder fish comes from the lakes outside of reality. 315-325
Chuckles Fish Save Chuckles! 325-335
404fin Fish Not Found! 335-345
Gearfish This fish is only useful until it loses its teeth. 345-355
Vampirefish Keep out of direct sunlight. 355-365
Finned Mummy The existence of this ancient fish has been kept under wraps for centuries. 365-375
Glassfish Handle With Care. 375-385
Go Fish Got any fours? 385-395
Swordfish Get it? Sword? Fish? 395-405
Ghostuna This fish is VERY hard to catch without a proton pack. 405-415
Fishstick Lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown. Then released back into the water. 415-425
Cakefish This fish is a lie. 425-435
Ninja Starfish One of the most stealthy fish in all of Lore. 435-445
Syringe Beta This fish will really give your aquarium a shot in the arm. 445-455
Gillknight Honorable and brave, this fish protects weak fish and defends helpless fish. 455-465
Hectopump A cross between a pumpkin and an octopus? What does that taste like? 465-475
Smallmouth Bass This fish is a 4-string wonder of the sea! 475-485
Deathfin Fish who die untimely deaths owe this very rare fish a favor. 485-495
Kingcrab Cake Buttery and tasty, this very rare shellfish can be dinner AND dessert. 495-505
GOLLLLLLD It's shiny! N/A

In Dracolish Fishing

To Be Added

Species Description Points

Species Description Points

Special objects

Species Effect Location
Johnnyfish Takes the player to 2 Leagues Under the Sea. Falconreach, Doomwood
Temporary Items
Item Effect Location
KingCrab Cake 3 STR for 11 turns Doomwood
Smallmouth Bass +3 DEX for 11 turns Doomwood
Ninja Starfish +5 Bonus for 11 turns Doomwood
Hectopump +1 Dodge for 11 turns Doomwood
Syringe Beta Stuffed for 6 turns (No effect) Doomwood
Fish Fingers +3 STR for 11 turns Dracolich Fishing


  • You can catch a bag of gold that contains between 300 and 500 gold.
  • Catching a fish can give you 5-205 in Falconreach, 105-505 in Doomwood dock, and 105-305 in Dracolich fishing. 
  • When your rank is higher, it is easier to catch fish and you will catch better fish.