Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Affiliation: None
Appears in: None
Location: Dragesvard
"My name is Galanoth. I'm a Dragonslayer and I've come to Dragesvard to defend it against attacking dragons." ―Galanoth to The Hero


Early life

When Galanoth was just five years old, he noticed a wyvern carrying off a boy named Demento. He ran as fast as he could, and by the time he reached Demento, he grabbed him by the legs and didn't let go. The wyvern released them from its grip due to the weight.



  • Galanoth's Random Quests:
Dragonbane Vein
The Hatchling Hunt
Snow Rescue!
  • Galanoth's Story Arc:
A Cold Reception
Un-BEAR-Able Cold
Not So Great Escape
The Killguin Arena
Bear Facts
Long In The Tooth
The Snow Fields
Gary's Fate
Ice Queen
Olaf's Party

Guest Statistics

Basic Informations
Level of Guest: 3
Character Type: Guest
Location: Dragesvard
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Guest Statistics
Damage: 5-30
Damage Type: Melee, Metal
Special Effects: Shin Kick: Melee attack, does X2 damage to dragons


  • Scavenger Hunt Shop - No longer available.


  • Become a Dragonslayer
  • Add Galanoth as a friend - Must finish the Un-BEAR-Able Cold quest first


  • Possibly DragonFable's first NPC, introduced on 3/16/2006 as part of a group created for the purpose of giving players information about the game's beta testing. In addition to Galanoth, this group consisted of Vayle, Artix and Fae.
  • Galanoth is also an NPC in AdventureQuest.
  • Exerpt from Design Notes:

"Well now that the Necropolis is all tied up, we will be working on a new zone for a few weeks. I won't say much except A) you'll want to dress warm and B) you're going to want to find a disguise for your baby dragon. You know how Galanoth can get." This city has been confirmed as Dragesvard.

  • Galanoth's name in the real world is Tony Deller.

Additional Images

  • The New Galanoth 
  • Galanoth on his horse 
  • Galanoth in Testopia 
  • A locket containing photos of Galanoth's Parents 
  • Galanoth's Battle Stats as a friend
  • Galanoth's Spear Attack 
  • Galanoth's Shin Kick 
  • Galanoth's Dagger Toss 
  • Two Galanoths

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