"I'm the best pet trainer that you'll find 'round these parts. Well... I'm the ONLY pet trainer here but I'm still darn good."
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Affiliation: N/A
Appears in: Orb Saga
Location: Grams' Petshop

Grams is the owner of the Petshop, a pet tamer and Aria's grandmother.


Later on, we see that she was captured by Sepulchure, and is replaced by a spy. The spy, Sabrina, was then sent to Falconreach, to spy on Falconreach's heroes. Meanwhile, real Grams is in Sepulchure's fortress, keeping company to Gravelynn. But then she was killed by Sepulchure for destroying his fortress.


  1. Xan Bossfight
  2. Aria in Wanderland
  3. Going East
  4. Princess-napped
  5. Pet Insurrection
  6. Mission: Improbable
  7. The Flying Fortress

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