{{NPC |name=Greed |img=Greed_Human_npc.png |race=[[Spiri] and then later Human |fac=N/A |arcs=[[Ravenloss Sag] |loc=[[Pellow Villag] }} Greed is an evil spirit and the embodiment of greed. He is one of the seven Corrupted Elemental spirits, and was one of the few on the loose, alongside [[Lus] and [[Env], as Tomix took care of the others. In Mogloween 2009, he made the Cauldron Sisters argue and split up in order to create their own candies by corrupting them with greed. After that he spread his [[Greedlin]s to [[Falconreac], making its residents not want to share their candy and causing them to fight for it. Most notably, he made the peaceful [[Patc], nice old [[Gram], cute [[Twill] and [[alchemis] [[Reen] fight against the [[her] because they didn't want to share their candy with him or with the rest of Falconreach. He is the archenemy of Tomix the [[Soulweave]. By making everyone share their candy again and convincing the Cauldron Sisters to combine their candies and make the perfect candy, Tomix and the hero were able to stop the greedlings, but Greed had gained much power from the greed of the citizens. Even though the duo was able to defeat him, he ran to the underground city of [[Ravenlos].

Outside of Mogloween, Greed passed through the [[Gate of Enlightenmen] and wanted to obtain the [[Wheel of Judgmen] in order to become human and by doing so become immortal and corrupt all of [[Lor] with greed and selfishness. His wish of becoming human succeeded but he was defeated by the Hero, and ultimately, killed by Vaal himself.

Greed may be a referance to the homunculus of the same name from Fullmetal alchemist, to whom he bears a suspicious resemblance in design.


  1. [[The Greatest Candy Eve]
  2. [[As the Cauldron Boils..]
  3. [[Share and Share Alik]
  4. Weaving Emporium
  5. [[Market Distric]
  6. [[Silkwood Par]
  7. Mystlyk Museum
  8. [[Dark Tower Penitentiar]
  9. Stronger Than You Know
  10. [[Greedling Game]
  11. The End?


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