This is a page for Gris in book 1, you may be looking for his book 3 counterpart

"Do We have a Deal?" ―Gris
Race: Human
Gender: None
Affiliation: Neutral
Appears in: Daily Auction Quests
Location: Falconreach

Gris is the owner of Daily Auctions, a building that certain items are salen in bids. Currently the building is no working, but probably will be released in the end of the year.


"I payed a lot of money for that" ―Gris

When Gris was young, he showed a lot of interest in Alchemy, along with his friend Keto, they studied together in Swordhavden.

In future, he gave up alchemy, but opened a Daily Auctions center, even he still wanting the Magic Stone, Necromantic Formula and the Golden Elixir.

Involvement in Quests

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