DCrugs healingpad
Healing pads are unique pads that come in varrious objects shapes and forms, some can be red or blue fountains, torches, candelabras, shandeliers, pumpkins, jack'o'lanterns, or be hidden behind barrells, shiny sparkling objects, bushes, and hearthes. A healing pad comes in 3 forms if its not an object, a red one healing only HP, a blue one healing only MP, or one flashing and swirling with both pads intertwined which heals both MP and HP, most objects that have the same function as a healing pad will have the same function as a both red and blue one healing both MP and HP

It used to be before build 12.0.0;3218 that healing pads wouldnt heal any other party members that recently joined your party, whether through a bug not recognizing they existed or not implemented in the game, an update made it so your party members and ally will instantly be healed with you if its a MP/HP (both intertwined) type of healing pad, it should be noted however that healing pads will not restore your potions, so make sure if a healing pads nearby that you conserve your potions and run towards it, or run back to it.

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