Current jaania
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Affiliation: The Rose (As their leader)
Appears in: None
Location: N/A

Jaania is the leader of the organization The Rose.


Studying in Swordhaven (Alexander's Saga)

Warlic and Alexander (Xan) both fell in love with Jaania. Often she would be obvlious when Warlic and Alexander would fight over her, such as when the two wrecked the classroom trying to gather books for her. Or one of Alexander's pranks, where she often saw the result of the prank.

When Warlic and Alex (Xan) decided to fight one more time, Jaania then attempted to break the two of them up, by jumping right into the middle of their crossfire, which ended in Warlic's magic-reflection spell returning Alex's ice spell into Jaania, which encased her inside a powerful self-healing ice crystal for all of this time, this incident turns the ice mage into pyromancer and deformed the face of Alexander, who became Xan, making him get into madness and prevents him to reverse the ice spell that was accidentally redirected to Jaania.

Frozen and Unfrozen

While she was frozen by a very powerful spell, both Xan and Warlic tried to free her using the very ways of magic, including the Pyronomicon's Book.

Book 2

In the Book 2, she was freed laterly of the ice-crystal as a way to defeat the Infernal part of Warlic, known as Wargoth the Son (considering that Wargoth is also the name of Warlic's father), the process was successful and she colaborated with The Professor, human side of Warlic, helping the Ateleans to defeat Wargoth, and stop him of destroying the whole planet.

Picture of Jaania, as seen in Xan's Volcanic Fortress.

At the very end of Book 2, Jaania furiosly froze both the Hero and the recent merged Warlic (as he was divided into two beings) alongside with Xan inside another ice-crystal, probably for being imprisoned for so long, she saw them as a problem to her extremist goals, knowing that in her viewpoint she is in the right side.

Book 3

In Book 3, she is very known by all the Rose, considering that she is the founder, she tries to do peacemaker goals and really believes her way of detroying Lore magic is the best to achievement the peace goal.

She is also called 'Lady Jaania' to the Rose Soldiers, later is shown she is the first in command of Rose organization, considering that she was also the founder of Rose.


  • In MechQuest, Jaania was the House-leader for the Runehawks, located in the G.E.A.R.S. University. Rather ironically, that Jaania was pro-magic back then. (This may not be considered canonical, at least in DragonFable, as MechQuest is another Universe in the AE Multiverse)