"That's PUMPKIN KING Jack Strife now!"
Jack Strife
Jack Strife
Race: Golem
Gender: None
Affiliation: Necromantress
Appears in: Mogloween Saga
Location: Unknown

Jack Strife, the Pumpkin King, is the servant of the Necromantress. He put a curse on the Cauldron Sisters' cauldron, Myx, but by defeating him, the Hero was able to lift the curse. He commands some Pumpkin Pis. Even through he wasn't "Pumpkin Prince" the previous year, and not even noble or of royal blood, and he didn't have even a kingdom, but he still got his title, just by making himself "Pumpkin King".


  1. Pumpkin Pi Bomber
  2. The Pumpkin Kings Curse