"I have seen kingdoms rise and fall, witnesses the birth of magic, the deaths of entire species. You will not resist my power."
Kathool 'Achoo
Race: Unknown
Gender: None
Affiliation: N/A
Appears in: Water Orb Saga
Location: Unknown

Kathool 'Achoo is an ancient creature that has the power to corrupt minds and also their dreams. He had been sleeping underwater for countless centuries until he was awakened long ago by someone else. He is responsible for the sudden disappearance of the Water Elves. He calls the Water Orb the Dragonheart Shard for an unknown reason.


It was later revealed that the reason that Kathool 'Achoo have became mad and corrupted people is because he was not adjusted to the reset set 5000 years ago from the Hero (From the alternate timeline). As a result, he was left confused by the quick changes to the world of the past to present, making him insane for generations.


  1. Nightmare
  2. Risen
  3. Madness

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