King Splurt
Race: Sneevil
Gender: None
Affiliation: Sneevil
Appears in: N/A
Location: Boxopolis

King Splurt is the box-obsessed king of the sneevils. He lives in a heavily-guarded sneevil operation tree fort in Boxopolis. During the game, he wants to retrieve a special shipment of magical rings from King Alteon that is arriving in Oaklore Keep. You are able to able to thwart his plans by working with Sir Valence at Oaklore Keep, who is the kingdom's surveillance knight working on the sneevil troubles. The player discovers his plans when you fight your way through his dojo and interrogate the Sensei. He attacks the keep, and you stop him, but his troops take off with the box and leave you a decoy. He is not defeated, but you retrieve the real box from the fortress he resides in.

King Splurt is a giant sneevil who is roughly the size of a Gorillaphant. He has many bases in game, including one in Surewould Forest (These are called 'Tree Forts') He is more exquisitely garbed than his average minions, as he wears a purple Cloak, gold armbands, and a gold crown.


  1. Sneevil Boxopolis

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