"I will continue trying to find a way to save my brother. I still believe the key is in Necromancy."
Lady Vayle
Lady vayle time skip
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Shadowscythe,Necromancy University, and Amethyst City
Appears in: Darkness Orb Saga
Location: Amethyst City

Lady Vayle, also known as the Necromantress, is a young necromancer who specializes in the element of Darkness. She is the younger sister of Edgar.


Vayle grew up in Moonridge with Artix. When they were young, Artix tried to save her from a river, but both were washed downstream to an underground cave. While there, they stumbled into a Guardian Tower, where they found the Darkness Orb. After touching it, Vayle absorbed its power, literally becoming the orb. The orb also given her wings and pointy ears. Later, after she and Artix returned home, their village was attacked by undead controlled by Noxus. Artix escaped into Doomwood, but Noxus found Vayle and convinced her to come with him. He promised he would teach her necromancy so she could resurrect her older brother Edgar, who was killed by the undead, from the dead. Much Later we she was an adult, Artix broke her crystal and Edgar's spirit was ultimately lost. Artix tried to tell Vayle that Noxus was only using her as his puppet. She initially refused to believe him, however, but after hearing Noxus admit it to Artix and the player, she joined them to defeat her former mentor. However, she still maintained that there must be a way to rescue her older brother Edgar through necromancy. Later, the player and Tomix convince her to let him remove the orb's power from her, recreating the orb and relieving her of most of her troubles, although her appearance remained the same.

Shops owned

Mogkee Shop

Location: Frostvale Storybook -> Chapter 7 -> Act 23 -> Vayle -> Mogkee Shop

  1. Little Mogkee
  2. Mogkee
  3. Flying Mogkee


  1. Pumpkin Pi Bomber
  2. The Vampire Tower
  3. Hot Plot
  4. Friday The 13th III, Finale!
  5. The Necromantress
  6. The Gate Keeper
  7. Artix vs. The Undead
  8. Necrpolis: Last Stand
  9. Infiltration
  10. Moonridge: Saved!
  11. The Green Mist
  12. Artix vs The Undead
  13. Noxus Fumes
  14. A Dark Letter
  15. Memory-Demons
  16. The Necromancer of SiOO
  17. Pallors Plan
  18. Winged Darkness
  19. Wicked Queen
  20. Frostval 2012