Race: Human
Gender: Male
Appears in: The Clashening
Location: Falconreach
"I'll soon show that anything Magic can do, Science can do better!" ―Lim

Lim is the newest weaponsmith of Falconreach; he is known to defend science and proclaims himself enemy of Cysero, who believes magic is better. Their discussion leads to the series of events from Magic vs. Science Saga


"I was trained in Swordhaven, but magic weapons have run rampant there" ―Lim

Before becaming the weaponsmith of Falconreach, Lim was trained in Swordhaven, as Yulgar had the post of town's blacksmithing.

As the events of The Fire War, Yulgar moved to a far town named Battleon and Lim's Store became the replacement of it, but Lim started to "fight" Cysero in order to proof that Science is better than Magic.

Involvement in Quests


  • Lim is one of rare people in Lore who supports science instead of magic.