This is the Book One counterpart for the store, you may be looking for Book 3's


Lim's Store is the replacement for Yulgar's Store after The Fire War. It's a shop that sells items with the power of science.


"I will proof you that with the power of Science..." ―Lim

When Yulgar moved to BattleOn due The Fire War , He gave the shop to Lim, that proclaimed himself "Defensor of Science".

Later, he starts to "Battle" Cysero "in the name of science" that gives up origins to The Clashening, trying to proof that Science is better than Magic.

In the End, you decide: What is better? Science? Magic? Or Magiscience?

Notable NPCs

  • Lim - The Shop Owner, and defensor of Science!
  • "Yulgar" - An Orb representing the old owner of the store, Yulgar


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