Malifact's DOOM
Level: 5
Price: N/A
Sellback: 80 Gold
Location: DeathKnight (Quest)
Element: Darkness
Effect: Block -1, Dodge -1, Parry -1, Crit +1, Magic Def -1, Pierce Def -1, Melee Def -1, END +2, CHA -1, LUK -1, INT +2, STR +2, Bonus +3, Light -10, Darkness +10
Rarity: 4
This ring once belonged to the terrible DeathKnight, Sir Malifact! The skull one the front has been cracked down the middle. If it held any power before, its been greatly reduced.


This ring is very unlucky, but provides a very good defense against darkness. This the official DeathKnight Armor's ring, and increases the power of a DeathKnights 'Ultimate' skill.