"My name is Mary Grey. I own this inn and tavern...or I once did. Things have become very confusing lately." ―Maryann's Spirit

Maryann Gray, better known as Mary Gray, or later known as Mary's Spirit was the innkeeper of Falconreach Inn, she gave up just before Sabrina appeared in the inn.


"Welcome to the Inn. How may I help you?" ―Maryann

In lifetime, Maryann used to own the Inn her family builted, until she gave up to take care of a sick relative, some years have past then, and she died.

As Mary Gray's disappearance, Sabrina took over her place, and she stayed as inkeeper until the Undead Assault, when she mysteriously disappeared.

Serenity took the Inn, and tried to destroy the evil items Sabrina used to Sale, but as she tried, the weapons were stolen by a hooded man outside town, that is only known as his codename, Mysterious Stranger.

As the spirits of dead flooded the inn, she appeared as a ghost, haunting a room in the first floor.


  • She has no book 3 counterpart yet.
  • She is the first NPC to be known as three different names, Maryann (when alive) , Mary Gray (when talking to her spirit), Mary's Spirit (when at ghost invasion in Falconreach Inn).

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