"My name is Nythera. In dragonspeak it means "Superior"... And before you ask any silly questions, yes, I am part Dragon."

{{NPC |name=Nythera |img=Nythera.png |race=half Human and half Dragon |gender=Female |fac=N/A |arcs=[[Nythera Sag] |loc=[[ Warlic's Zon] }} Nythera is [[Warli]'s half-dragon apprentice. She kills Warlic shortly before the [[Storm Wa], and proceeds to battle the [[Elemental Avata]s. She is eventually defeated by the Avatars, but is saved after Warlic returns from Death's Realm. She gives up on getting greater power and starts trying to get back her own.

Quests given

  1. [[Stocking the Shelve]
  2. It's Not Fair!
  3. It's Elementary!
  4. [[Potion Master]
  5. [[The Coming Sto]
  6. [[Elemental Attack! - The Storm Wa]
  7. Into the Void
  8. [[No Gain Without Los]
  9. [[Seeking Advic]
  10. [[Face Your Destin]
  11. [[Know Your Natur]
  12. [[A Bridge Form]
  13. [[The Tes]
  14. [[Embrace Your Destin]

Shops owned

Ele Bouquet

  1. [[Elemental Rose]
  2. [[Practice Elemental Rose]

Ele Essences

  1. Black Rose Staff (29, 49, 69)
  2. Blue Rose Staff (29, 49, 69)
  3. Green Rose Staff (29, 49, 69)
  4. Grey Rose Staff (29, 49, 69)
  5. Ice Rose Staff (29, 49, 69)
  6. Orange Rose Staff (29, 49, 69)
  7. Red Rose Staff (29, 49, 69)
  8. Yellow Rose Staff (29, 49, 69)


  1. [[Falconreac]
  2. [[Warlic's Zon]
  3. [[It's Elementar]
  4. Into the Void
  5. [[No Gain Without Los]
  6. [[Seeking Advic]
  7. [[Face Your Destin]
  8. [[Know Your Natur]
  9. [[A Bridge Form]
  10. [[The Dragon Drakat]


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