"I will no longer have to sell information to the highest bidder. I will have all the power and all will bow before Okuchi No Okami! "
Okuchi No Okami
Race: Devil Fox
Gender: Male
Affiliation: None
Appears in: Wind Orb Saga
Location: Okuchi no Okami's lair

Okuchi No Okami is a Devil Fox, who steals from the Ninja (he wants their Wind Scrolls). In the Ninja quests, he sells Drakath information about the Wind Orb. Then Okuchi offers to let the player hunt down Drakath if he can have the wind scrolls. If the player refuses to give up the scrolls, the player must fight Okuchi (you can't accept the offer anyway). Although it is not said, Okuchi is thought to be dead. He was once Thyton's highest ranking Ninja until he betrayed the village. He obtains the Jewel of the Four Winds from Drakath, and uses it to summon the guardian of the Ninja village (with the purpose of destroying the village, not protecting it).


  1. Return the Scrolls
  2. The Jewel of the Four Winds


This may create an apparent inconsistency with the information given in the entry for Captain Blackberry. This is because player characters are supposed to choose whether they support the pirates or the ninjas, and complete one quest chain or the other. You can complete both chains if you like, but it leads to inconsistencies.


Since Okuchi No Okami is a fire-type monster, he can only be hurt with water or ice.