Osprey Cove

The Pirate town.

"Within these islands, swarming with monsters and ninjas, the only place that a pirate can feel safe is Osprey Cove. For generations Osprey Cove has been a place that any pirate sailing these seas could call their home away from home. The people here don't much like strangers, and if ye fall asleep here ye might wake up with an empty backpack, but at least ye'll wake up!" ―Rhubarb to The Hero
On the Southern part of the Isle of Sho Nuff lies the pirate town of Osprey Cove. Only the roughest traveler would dare to venture here. Unless they wanted to be a pirate, in which case this is the place to be!

Quests Available

Random Quests

Wind Orb Saga

Mae Pi

Serenity Okami




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