Race: Elemental spirit
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Tomix (Soul-Ally until his death)

Aegis (Friend), Unnamed SoulWeaver (Former Soul-Ally)

Appears in: Ravenloss Saga

Meet Aegis Father of Mine

Location: Elemental Spirit Plane (Books 1 & 2)

Pellow Village ( Book 3 )

Pandora is an Elemental Spirit who becomes the Soul-Ally of Tomix after he searches for a new Soul-Ally in the Elemental Spirit Plane.

Before death, she was one of the First Weaver children and the founder of the ChaosWeavers.

Pandora is also the one who created Aspar, the Elemental Spirit of Envy.


Pandora was the daughter of Roirr, and sister to Baltael and Oyva. She originated in the Tkaanie region, on a continent west of Lore.   

She was prone to acting very cruel and unlikable while alive, and because of this she became estranged from her siblings. After leaving Edelia, she joined a group of Chaosweavers and fell deeply in love with one, but unfortunately her lover was killed in a battle, leaving Pandora bitter and heartbroken. Over time, to ease her loneliness, Pandora created a child for herself, called Envy. However, because of her state of mind during his creation, he was of evil will and had no good traits to speak of. Despite this, Pandora loved Envy deeply, and cared for him as a mother would.    

After her death she arrived in the Elemental Spirit Plane where she was quickly shunned for her past and her ability to cause misfortune wherever she went. Aegis, the Elemental Spirit of Valor, pitied her and the two quickly became friends.

In the quest 'Meeting Aegis', when you visit the Elemental Spirit Plane to find a Soul-Ally, you run into Pandora who is being chased by Aegis, who then tells her off for leaving her own domain because of her being a threat to others. After leaving you and Aegis, she somehow accidentally releases the immortal creature called Uthuluc and Aegis is left to deal with it, with him sealing Uthuluc in a ice prison for the next hundred years.

During the time between Books 2 & 3, she met Tomix and became his Soul-Ally. She was being harassed by other spirits, but was saved by Tomix, who searching for a new Soul-Ally after having lost Aspar. After being saved Pandora agreed to become the Soul-Ally of Tomix. However, a catch of her being a Soul-Ally is that when she is in the material world, her very existence causes misfortune and cataclysms. She told Tomix of an artifact, a cube that was used by her previous Soul-Ally, that can keep her in the material world without causing danger to others. Tomix retrieved the artifact and Pandora resides inside of it during his hunt for Envy and their confrontation at the Void Core.

It is unknown what happened to Pandora after Tomix's leap into the Void Core.