"I just made a fizzy, sugary one that I call Sodaburp! Want to try some?"
Race: Human
Gender: None
Affiliation: The Kingdom
Appears in: None
Location: Falconreach

Reens is Falconreach's resident royal alchemist. She sells potions and magic rings at Reens' Potion Shop.


Reens is an aspiring young alchemist, she was trained by Alina in Swordhaven and eventually receive the title of Royal Alchemist.

She was excited with the prospect of get out into the world and helping people with her potions so she moved to the town of Falconreach , then just a small village.

However, she lost her Royal Alchemist uniform somewhere along the way so she was forced to set up a regular potion shop. Fortunately she founded it later and set up the shop the way she wanted.

Reens has stayed with the town throughout numerous events such as The Storm War and The Fire War. At some point, she wrote a letter to Alina with the purpose of getting her teacher to moved to the town and provided adventurers with mana potions.

Teacher and pupil

Reens and her teacher hearing Seppy's "speech"

During the Final 13th, she participate in the defense of Falconreach from the Shadowscythes helping the wounded.

The wizs

Reens with the other

Later when the SMUDD cover the world in darkness, Reens work with Falconreach's other powerful mages to set up a light shield surrounding the town protected it from the darkness.


Reens is a slim girl with blue hair and green eyes. Before she found her uniform, she wear a regular dress with apron.

Her current outfit consist of a very fancy jacket that cover all the way to her thigh along with belts to hold alchemist reagents. She also weared a large headband with matching gloves and boots.


Battle reen

If you think she's all about healing potion ... think again

  • Reens can be a very capable battler if she wanted to be.
  • She has her own staff.
  • She invented new potions.
  • One of them is Lore's version of soda.

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