"I can do whatever I want! You can't make me clean! You can't make me eat veggies! You can't make me grow up!"
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Affiliation: N/A
Appears in: Darkness Orb Saga, Mogloween Saga, Frostval Saga
Location: Necropolis

Sally is a young girl which took control of the Necromancy University after its dean, Noxus, and his necromancers were gone. She used every remaining creature as her toys, and she wanted to take over Mogloween. She didn't want "Jack" (The Jack'O'Dragon) to hurt the player, she wanted just to "show him how much fun she wants Mogloween to be."

Her advisor was Sturr , a evil cauldron and cousin of Myx, the cauldron of the Cauldron Sisters. She created the Jack-O-Dragon, somewhat of a pumpkin dragon, to defeat the Player's Character, but it failed to complete it's task. After its defeat, the pumpkin dragon became Jack-O-Titan, but using their dragon, The player defeated it.


  1. Moonridge: Saved!
  2. Toys 'R Dangerous
  3. Noxus Fumes
  4. The Master of the Necropolis
  5. Jack-O-Dragon (Quest)
  6. Cookies!
  7. Mogloween Storybook
  8. Catalytic Converter
  9. Catastrophic Candy
  10. SnackinLand


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