"I am one of the elite order of DragonLords. We are protectors of this realm and will not hesitate to answer the call of those who need us."
Sir Baumbard
Sir Baumbard
Race: Human
Gender: None
Affiliation: N/A
Appears in: None
Location: Oaklore Keep, DragonGrasp

Sir Baumbard is the most senior DragonLord on the continent of Battleonia, he is also the one whom coordinate efforts in the city of DragonGrasp


Baumbard , at some point in his life, bonded with the dragon Glumbert and quickly advanced in ranks to become a high-ranking member of the Order of DragonLord.

He was bestowed Knighthood from King Alteon himself and was once part of the [[Pactagonal Knight}]]


"Erm... air sick... swaying... of ship..." - Sir Baumbard in Dragonsgrasp

Sir Baumbard is an aged man with a stubble, though he still seems to be quite athletic. He can get really airsick in the floating fortress of dragon lords, and also Glumbert, which can hinder his bomb-dropping and dragon-riding skills. It is presumed he can successfully wield a sword, since he carries two of them.


Befitting of his title, Sir Baumbard is kind, and instructive. He is willing to help people who need help. Not else much is known about him, since he is not very well known.

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