Somorah was the home world of the Atealan after Warlic rebelled against his father and help the alien escaped. Ironically, the planet was later destroyed by Warlic's infernal half while the Atealans managed to escape thanks to Warlic's human half.

It is not known if Somorah has any moon but it has no sun thus making the planet fixed in a state of perpetual twilight, although there are no clear differences between night and day.

There is at least one main continent and purple oceans on Somorah. Apparently the planet has glowing vegetation as can be seen in Atrea that act as light source for the Atealans.


The Atealans originally arrived on Somorah using rifts while being chased by Wargoth and the Infernal. Despite their effort, the infernal swiftly defeated and enslaved the Atealans.

However, Warlic - then known as "The Son" to the Atealans - rebelled against his father, Wargoth, and defeated him. By this act Warlic suppressed his Infernal side and fell to Lore in a more human form. Leaderless and with nowhere to go , the Infernal army went into disarray before leaving the planet later.

The Atealans, having lost their rift technology, settled on Somorah and rebuilt their civilization, having adapted to Somorah's "eternal darkness"

However, peace was not to last, as 250 years later Warlic's Infernal half (dubbed Wargoth Jr by forumer) returned to Somorah with an army of Infernal and begun attacking the Atealans. The horned aliens were defeated once again but they managed to escape to Lore thanks to the Professor, Warlic's Human half.

Somorah destroyed

Somorah's end

Following the exodus, the Atealans left behind were made into Wargoth Jr's minion and Somorah was reduced to thousands of rocks floating in space.



Atrea was the greatest Atealan's city back in Somorah. The city was ripped from the ground of Somorah and was transported to Lore followings Wargoth's attack. To protect themselves from the light, the Atealans set up a protective lens keeping the city in a state of twilight, recreating Somorah's eternal darkness.


Atrea on Lore

Milkgrass Arena

The arena was situated in the Milkgrass Plains, a small section of land which survived the planet's explosion, untouched by Wargoth's hand, and has been secured by Atealan's and protected by a magical terraform. It is here that one must proven their strength before earning the title of Riftwalker.


The Milkgrass Plains

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